Ville Tynkkynen

Doctoral researcher, deputy councillor, member of party council

I'm Ville Tynkkynen, a 27-year-old Master of Social Sciences and doctoral researcher at Tampere University. I'm a Greens candidate in the upcoming municipal elections.

Defending culture and education even during challenging times is my priority - and that's why I'm running for city office. My core political values are education, sustainability and equality.

After moving to Tampere in 2014 to study, the city quickly stole my heart. Today, I consider Tampere my dear home, and that is why I want to make it an even better place to live. In my dreams Tampere is a carbon-neutral cultural city, where everyone possesses sufficient means of substinence, high-quality public utilities and possibilities to educate themselves, enjoy hobbies and public spaces.

During the past term I've worked as a deputy city councillor here in Tampere. I've also been a deputy member in the housing and real property committee, culture committee and urban development committee. I've been a member of the Greens' party council since 2019.

During my free time I read, and play guitar and video games. I appreciate music, museums and movies. I also enjoy good food and cooking. My home is in Armonkallio, where I live with my partner and our two cats.